Scholarship Opportunity for the Foreign Students from Turkish Maarif Foundation

Chairman of the board of trustees and the executive board of Turkish Maarif Foundation, Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün gave an interview to Anatolian Agency about the works of the foundation. Akgün stated that Turkish Maarif Foundation carries out activities in order to abolish the campaigns to discredit Turkey by means of the educational institutions of FETÖ (Gulenist Terror Organisation) and to strengthen the brotherhood relations with the local communities while struggling for taking over these educational institutions and also said that they are carrying out activities for endearing Turkish language, culture and history in the relevant countries within mutual cultural exchange.

In the interview, Akgün stated that Turkish Maarif Foundation negotiated with approximately 50 countries within the frame of struggle with FETÖ, 30 schools in Africa was taken over after these negotiations with the support of President Erdoğan and agreements were signed with 20 countries. He also said that “We are carrying out activities for the employment of educators who know Turkish language and culture and who are willing to serve for their country after their graduation, in the schools we have taken over and we are planning to open. We encourage them to enter the faculties of education within the scope of this project.”

Having stated that they want to create a pool for scholarship, they initiated a work for this aim and they cooperated with the Ministry of National Education about it, Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün announced that they are going to supply scholarship for the students of Imam-Hatip schools who continue their education receiving scholarship of Turkish Diyanet (Religious) Foundation with the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education with the status of public boarding school in the event that they choose the faculties of education.

Akgün also said that in the case that they choose faculties of education, they are going to supply scholarship for the students who continue their education with their own means and with the scholarship of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities along with foreign students educated in 7 International Imam-Hatip High Schools in Turkey.

“Students being citizens approximately 60-70 countries receive their high school education in Turkey. Some of them prefer the faculties of theology. In this case, Diyanet Foundation supplies scholarship for them. Students who want to receive education in the specific areas such as Politics, Law, Medicine and Engineering have scholarship from the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities. We want to include the students of International Imam-Hatip High Schools and other foreign students in the employment pool because they learned Turkish and they know the conditions in Turkey. We are planning to supply scholarship during all their educational life, in the case that they enter the faculties of education.” he said.

Having expressed that they are going to give scholarship for the students enough for their maintenance of education in Turkey, Akgün also said that they are going to register students being prospective teachers for Turkish Maarif Foundation Teachers Certificate Program and they are going to give lectures about the aims, mission of the foundation and the professional education.

He also explained that “We will ensure the students for their life guarantee by creating an employment pool. It is highly important for both the relevant country and Turkey that teachers who know Turkish along with the local language are going to work in our schools we opened in Balkans, Africa and many regions in the World. One of the biggest aims of Turkish Maarif Foundation is to be an international educational center. So, we are planning to create our own teachers pool.”

Having stated that they are going to sign an agreement for the compulsory service with the students who receive scholarship, Akgün also expressed that being one of the few scholarships, Turkish Maarif Foundation scholarship is going to make an important contribution to the educational life.

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